Continuing Gloat

I just unloaded another layer of tools and hardware from my truck. Much of
it will have to be sorted out and thinned out but I am still amazed at what
was in this guy's basement. I got about ten machinist/milling vises, V
blocks, bench vise, a bunch of clamps, boxes of large drill bits, just about
every NEMA configuration in every form, hundreds of pounds of stainless
bolts, screws and nuts, about 15 drill chucks, a couple small three jaw
chucks, more than 20 block and tackle, lifting slings galore, a terminal
crimper, bandsaw blade welder, taps and dies, a very nice parts cabinet, old
and new electronics parts, chain hoists, a new trolley, steel wire rope and
hardware, impact sockets, Boston Gear reduction drives, pneumatic actuators,
winches, flex-belts, steel rod, drill rod, flat plate, all thread, a full
rack setup made out of steel pipe and speedrail fittings, etc., etc.. Before
I got there 13 truckloads left the basement, mostly to the scrapyard to be
junked, unfortunately.
That was all the free stuff. The Gosiger drill press, Walker-Turner
wood/metal bandsaw and Wells 8M horizontal bandsaw turned out to better
shape than I thought they would be. They were a good deal at $600 for the
lot, which is probably about what they would have brought on ebay, but I
would have had to travel more to get them. The Gosiger is probably the
heaviest and largest 8" drill press I've ever seen- only 4" of travel on the
quill, but about 24" adjustment on the table, and it was fitted with a nice
Rohm keyless chuck. The bandsaw takes up a lot of room but has 8-1/2" of
depth and runs smoothly. Both bandsaws are set up on aluminum bases with
I think it's enough stuff to keep me busy for a while.
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..blah, blah, gloat, gloat.. Notice nobody is commenting? That's 'cause you're a lucky bastard and they're all jealous (I'm not saying *I'm* jealous, just everyone else..).
That's a major haul, good thing you got in on it and the stuff isn't going to the junkyard anymore, geez I hate it when good stuff goes to the junkyard..
Get anything else since the last post?
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I have noticed this:
If I throw something out, it is usually 3-5 days before I need it. NO matter if I had kept if 12 years previously and never used it!
You will find uses, find people who can use it, or there's always ebay. I sold a used DeWalt battery charger I found on ebay for $21.
You should have about $3.2 million in ebay dollars by now.
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Desert Traveler
I've been watching for a Dewalt 9050 battery and I can't believe the prices they're getting. A lot of the stuff I got is kind of marginal for selling on ebay. Big shackles are nice, but they weigh a lot and only bring a few dollars on ebay. The drill chucks will bring some money, I might sell the extra ones, the really nice 18N and 20N and the Rohm keyless chucks I'm going to hold onto. The vises were mostly made in England or U.S., but not brand names ebayer's go crazy over. I was fortunate to get a lot of stuff that will help me with my hobby and with some projects at work.
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You could always offer up the leftovers to your very bestest buddies in the whole wide world here on RCM :-)
-- Bill Browne Excalibur
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Bill Browne
Yeah, we love you man! :)
"Johnny, you still can't have my bud light."
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Anybody in the Long Island area? I'm not sure if I can use all 10 pounds of brass 10/32 nuts, for example......I also have some T8 type flourescent troffers, acrylic roof coating and tapered polyisocyanurate insulation if anybody needs it.
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