Ratchet gear identification

Hello folks,

What sort of gears are used in ratchet mechanisms? I am looking at an auto-traverse gear on a Boxford shaper, which is missing a couple of teeth. I would like to make a new one.

It does not appear to be of an involute form, having teeth that seem 'square' rather than 'curved'. Would it be more closely related to a splined shaft than a gear wheel?

Because it must engage the ratchet plunger (i.e. not a pawl) in both directions - for bi-directional traverse - the gear is symetrical, with opposing tooth flanks identical.

Any thoughts? Do I need a special spline cutter, or would a mill with a horizontal 4th axis be sufficient?

Thanks for any tips.

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John Montrose
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Just square sided straight gashed slots will be fine.

-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

Thanks John. So with an appropriately ground toolbit and an indexer, I could actually use the shaper to make its own gear.

Thanks once again.

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John Montrose

......or you could do it the easy way and simply apply weld metal into the gaps and file to shape. --

Chris Edwards (in deepest Dorset) ..."There must be an easier way...!"

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