Small batch of parts wanted

Can anyone here give me a price to produce 50 or 100-off steel disks,
36mm diameter, 6mm thick with a 3.16" hole in the middle from free
cutting mild steel. O/D is not critical, and I could probably adapt a
little to suit a standard bar size. Too small a quantity for our
suppliers at work -and I definately can't afford their "minimum
Drop me an email off list if you can help, my address on the header is
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Which bit do you want? the 3.16" hole or the 36mm OD ?
Joking apart I think you mean 3.16mm and if so will a laser cut disk in 6mm with a drilled hole do ? -- Regards,
John Stevenson Nottingham, England.
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John Stevenson
How urgent is this? I've parted off thousands of 2" dia 316 stainless discs in the past on the emimec auto. Have you a price in mind? Bob
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Hi Bob / John
That should read 3/16" hole. Lasercut blanks is a possibility that I hadn't considered. Not a mad rush, it's for a new venture I'm working on. I was looking for an indicator on price. I can either work from blanks, or machine direct from rectangular stock -I thought the cost of the blanks would be offset by a reduced amount of machining.
Thanks Kevin
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I had something similar done for me by a friend last year. 34mm o/d, 4mm thick, 24mm hole and I think 80 off worked out at about 80p each. I'd have done it myself but a decent parting off tool is one thing I don't have and hacksawing the buggers on the lathe like I've done many times in the past is a PITA and takes ages. BTW kiddies, you shouldn't really hacksaw things on a lathe, you can have an eye out like that you know.
You ought to expect a similar price. There's a bit more metal involved in yours but a smaller hole to drill or bore out.
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Dave Baker
In article , Dave Baker writes
Dave - do yourself a big favour and buy a Q-Cut from Greenwood Tools. Best parting-off tool I have ever used, by a country mile. I now part off at normal (i.e. non-BG) speeds, maybe half normal turning, in a normal Dickson toolholder, and have not had a problem in years. Works up to (IIRC) 1 5/8". Still using the original tip, too!
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David Littlewood
Don't let the tip get setup below centre though... Used an insert parting off tool on one ML7 when it was set up for the other one without thinking last night. The tool was 15 thou below centre height due to the top slide surface having been cleaned up a few years back. New insert time :-(
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand

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