Spring vs. toothed lock washers

I'm reassembling my 3 piece alloy wheels (or will be, once I've had the
broken stud spark eroded out... ). They were originally assembled with
external toothed lock washers (M6) but I was wondering why they used
these instead of spring washers...
What are the advantages/disadvantages of each?
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All you ever wanted to know about washers, albeit from an American perspective:)
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Peter Neill
Contrarily to what straightdope claims there is a sentence in the Bolt Loosening page at
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states " ..... For example, conventional spring lock washers are no longer specified, because it has been shown that they actually aid self loosening rather than prevent it. .........."
The site has lots of useful information. Do you know what pooching is? (no - it's nothing to do with taking the dog for a walk). I didn't before reading the Glossary of Terms page.
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