Stevens Precision of London?

Randomly hunting through the excellent site while waiting for code to compile, I came across

formatting link
which looks like an interesting (tiny) milling machine with an 8mm collet spindle.

Hunting round on the web doesn't bring up anything on the manufacturer, described as Stevens Precision of London.

Has anyone come across the company or the machines?


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Alan Bain
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looks like that page is an advert for a one guy company ..he's probably paid to have it put up .

his contact details

. Phone: 07831-877240 or email:

think he would list his land line number wouldnt you.

all the best.markj

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I wonder if it could be the fellow who trades as johns8574 on Ebay. He is an instrument maker and has recently sold related 8 mm collet equipment of his own manufacture.

Cliff Coggin.

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Cliff Coggin

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