Telemecanique 3-phase varispeed inverter?


I have a question about running a 3-phase inverter off single phase supply. It's to simplify speed control of a thingummyjig at the local pottery.

The impression I have is that some inverters don't mind up to a point, but some don't like it, and I don't know anything reliable about this one.

It's a Telemecanique Altivar ATV-28HU29N4, for 1.5kw(2hp) on a 380-500V

3-phase supply. The motor is only 0.75hp so the converter should only see about 50% load max.

The book says that incoming phase loss "is only detected if the motor is on-load (about 0.7x nominal power). At low load, single phase operation does not cause damage"

Which implies it might be OK, but "low load" isn't exactly specified. I don't know if it's merely meant to survive occasional phase loss without damage, or if it's designed to survive full-time running at half load on a single phase.

Any ideas, preferably from someone who's used this brand?

Or any good deals at the moment on a single-phase to 3-phase inverter?

- Brian

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Brian Drummond
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The ATV-28HU29N4 is a 380v to 440v three phase input invertor

No problem to run it on single phase, just stuff live and neutral to R and S and ignore T. [ doesn't actually matter which two you use, just use two and ignore the third ]

Then swap the motor over to delta and take U V & W to the motor. This will run de rated but will put about 0.85kw out, just right for your motor.

-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

Thanks John! I haven't looked at the motor, but if it can be swapped to delta, I should be able to figure out how.

- Brian

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Brian Drummond

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