stepper motor question

Stepper motors have a specification parameter of so many amps/phase rated
current.(Not sure if this is RMS or peak). With a four winding motor (8
leads) that presumably is 4 phases.
If the motor is connected in parallel ie. high torque, would this mean each
phase can take the specified current and therefore one motor connection to
the driver would result in twice the phase current being drawn per
paralleled pair of windings? So for a 2.5 A/phase motor 5Amps could be
The stepper motor drivers have current selection dip switches... mine range
from 0.9A to 3A (peak figures it says). So how do these settings relate to
the motor current drawn? Are they current limiting values? In which case 5
Amps would never be attained so presumably max torque not achieved.
I'm running out of brownie points for advice given ..... will baby sitter
tiles do?
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