Stepper motors

I need some advice on stepper motors that have the power to control the
equivalent of a lathe top slide screw.
In an ideal world, I would like to be able to control the motor to any
speed, be able to set a zero position and a maximum position stop, so a
toolbit could be set like on a CNC, zero it first, then set maximum depth of
cut, and regulate the feed.
I need another that could provide an oscillating ( left and right )motion
and be able to set the arc travel but no more than 180 degrees.For example,
like turning the top slide screw in between 0-180 deg the back out the same
It goes without saying I only have the idea and not the know-how on
controllers and motors.
Advice gratefully received
Bob ( emimec )
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Bob, Have a look at
formatting link
at a program called TurboCNC. This is a CNC controller that runs on a PC in DOS. You don't have to use all the full CNC moves but you can choose just what axis you want, when to move and at what speed. -- Regards,
John Stevenson Nottingham, England.
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John Stevenson
Many thanks, looks very interesting Bob
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Whatever you do, don't try to control the stepper motors from Windows unless you have a separate intermediary such as an outboard PIC to generate the pulses for you. (And to generate the timing between successive pulses)
If you wish to accelerate the stepper motor, this will be an absolute essential.
Some notorious individuals in this NG will try to persuade you otherwise, using such technical terms as "f*ck" and "w*nker" in a rather silly and childish attempt to prove their point.
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Airy R. Bean
Not STILL peddling that nonsense, are you Gareth?
Just because YOU can't make it work doesn't mean no one else can.
After all, you can't understand DSP, fix a FT101, work an FT480, or screw a PL259 onto an antenna.
(Not to mention getting signalling software working and delivered.)
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Why would anyone want to do those things?
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