thread cutting tool?

I need to cut some m12 x 1 external threads in inconel which has been hardened. HSS and carbide don't work well, diamond and CBN are about the only materials that will cut it cleanly.

I have some diamond tips, but they are not meant for threading, although they do have a good 60 degree point on them. I wondered whether it might be possible to make a holder for them so they attacked the material at the thread angle? Would that work?

I mean, instead of being flat, they would be slightly canted as the approached the work. If they were flat they would not cut the thread properly, as the vertical front edge would interfere with the cut thread.

Hope that's clear.

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As Mud... do you mean negative rake, or canted left/right as you stan at the lathe?


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Canted left down/right up. The flat upper surface and the cutting edges of the triangular diamond will not be parallel to the bed.

On reflection, it will actually be cutting at right angles to the overall motion, and should work - it may be canted, but it is moving too, and all should work out motionwise - except perhaps the forces on the lathe will be a bit different, but it should cope.

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