Happy !

Not thats it's that important chaps, but I finally got my new Warco lathe installed in the workshop today :)

Need to sort a few things out, like stiffen the floor, but all seems ok. - I hired a block and tackle in the end to get it on the stand.

Faced off a bit of steel this eve just to try it out - couldnt resist.- Pleased to say all went well and the thing seems to run fine !

WoooooHooooooo! !!!!!!

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Of course it's important, I'm sure we all remember what it feels like to have a new toy to play with. You will be able to start on that list of things you had to do now. Hope all works fine and you enjoy the new lathe.

What one did you buy in the end? Make sure you let us know how things go with it. So many people ask for advice on "which lathe" it's always good to hear an up to date account of what is being delivered today. Too many opinions are based on what happened years ago and things do move on quickly so it is important to get fresh information, particulary when we don't tend to buy something like a lathe every month. Well, I would if I could of course but my local financial controller will have none of it. Good luck.

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