As a total newbie I need some info on turning tufnol please.
Will it wreck my pride and joy myford ?. When I got it there was some
mystrious brown powder everywhere.
What sort of speed should I use ? - ?fast
Any other precautions .
Many thanks
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Tufnol is SRBF - Synthetic Resin Bonded Fabric - bars, sheet Paxolin is SRBP - Synthetic Resin Bonded Paper - flat sheet mostly
Depending on the grade you buy, it is finer or more coarse.
The adhesive is what you get mostly on the turnings, it can cause breathing problems as it is Phenol based.
Machining speed depends on what you are doing, but too high a speed will cause localised burning, lubricant/coolant is not usually recommended.
We have data sheets at the factory and make connector inserts and contact bases out of both Tufnol and Tufset, which is a poured liquid material that sets hard and can be machined.
Tufnol are pretty helpful in our experience.
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Peter A Forbes
Google for Phenolic, and you will probably find more info. than you know what to do with!
Steve R.
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Steve R.

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