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An associate and I are puzzled as to the correct direction to fit a blade into a Manchester Rapidor power hacksaw. Logically we feel that the saw should cut on the pull (back) stroke thus keeping the blade in tension when it is cutting. However, the hydraulic dash pot lifts the arm on the pull stroke indicate that the cutting should be done on the push (forward) stroke. One thing I feel sure of is that the lift must be on the non-cutting stroke

Is there a custom and practice answer to this or does is depend on the design?



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Bob Minchin
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That doesn't sound logical because it implies that the transverse force is applied directly to the blade. The corollary would be that the blade would bend under compression on the push stroke.

So, the blade must surely be held in a rigid frame through which the transverse forces will be applied. The only drag on the blade will be as the result of the cutting action and this will be the same irrespective of which way round you fit the blade.

As you say that the dashpot lifts the blade on the pull, or return stroke, then clearly you must fit the blade to cut on the push stroke.

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Airy R. Bean

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Newsblock Enquirer

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Paul Beck

Clearly it's not as effective as you claim below, as you responded so well.

Try again.

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Baul Peck

I always thought mechanical hacksaw, like their manual counterpart, cut on the forward stroke. The fact that the blade lifts on the return stroke bears this out.

Cheers Mark

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There are variations between designs. The saw should cut on in the direction in which it is not being lifted. If the saw frame is correctly designed, the saw will be more than adequately tensioned in both directions.

Mark Rand RTFM

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Mark Rand

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