What to do with a Dyna CNC mill?

Some time ago I bought a s/h Dyna DM2400. After some effort and expenditure
the mechanics were fine, but the electronics (not my area of expertise) were
dead. After 2 ½ years with an 'electronics wizz' he has now finally
admitted defeat on the electronics, so what do you all think I should do
now? The options I am considering are:
Throwing it in a ditch and driving off at high speed.
Cutting the servos off and replacing them with handwheels.
Putting it up for sale on ebay.
Any and all suggestions will be welcomed.
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"peter.grimwood" wrote in message
I have a skip outside and would be happy to collect it and put it in the skip for you.... -- richard
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Many thanks to all who replied.
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In article , peter.grimwood writes
No no no, don't do that. Sell it to me. ;^)
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Nigel Eaton

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