More junk - no, 'useful stuff'

Was given a pallet load of tooling this morning :-))

Lots of horizontal miling cutters which are most useful to me, plus a load of roller boxes and a few Coventry Dieheads and a big Clarkson autolock chuck.

There is some 50int stuff in there, mainly cutter arbors, and I noticed a load of horizontal mill 1-1/2" spacers of various lengths, too big for me, can anyone else use them >

I've got to sort through before tomorrow night as we are off to an engine show for the weekend, but looks to be an interesting couple of hours sorting through it all.

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I'm amazed and mildly jealous of your ability to get offered this sort of stuff. If I was a religious type (and that's a big IF) I'd suggest that it was "God moving in mysterious ways" and paying you back for your charitable transport activities and other stuff!


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Charles Ping

Save me a couple of 50 int arbors 1" and above would be nice. I'll swop you some 40 int collets chucks.

Know anybody who wants any revolving centres, brand new but soiled, Jones and Shipman make. Only problem is they are No 8 Morse. Can't chuck them at next doors cat 'cause I can't throw them that far.

-- Regards,

John Stevenson Nottingham, England.

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John Stevenson

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