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Ok, so given that Hornby and Bachman are not going to bring out an EMU anytime soon, what do you fellas think is the best kits out there? I just ordered one from DC Kits, am I in for a surprise? I'm not a bad modeler, but I never built a loco kit before! Thanks as always Rob

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Rob Kemp
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"Rob Kemp" wrote

You should be ok with that Rob, never built one myself but a good friend has done several and reckons they're not bad.


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John Turner

I am a very average modeller, but I'm rather pleased with my DC-Kits class

105 DMU. I don't know if the EMU kits follow the same sort of pattern, but the 105 looks rather daunting when you lay out all the parts. However, ultimately, there is nothing in there requiring a high level of skill - just a lot of bits!


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Adrian B

A few months ago I built a DC Kits Class 128 - the job was straightforward, and the results very pleasing. I have no hesitation in recommending them. :) Just be sure to read the instructions fully before you dive in and glue bits together, and decide at what stage(s) the parts need painting. Just take your time, it'll be worth it when you see the results.

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Rich Mackin

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