Bubbles forming during pebax reflow

Hello All,

I have a catheter process creating bubbles in the catheter walls.

The process is essentially pebax onto pebax reflow (fusing). There is a SS braid in between the pebax materials and FEP is used as the outside heatshrink.

The shaft is heated in a vertically translating hot air nozzle shrinker to above the pebax melt temperature.

Pebax in question is 55D.

I'm having trouble determining cause of the bubbles.

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D Clubb
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I realize this was a year ago,but did you guys find a solution to this problem. Im having a similar issue with a 40D pebax resin. thanks

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Didn't find a solution sorry. On-going issue.

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replying to aceofclubbs, ReflowMaster wrote: Hi all, bubbles are a lot of times fixed with pre-shrinking the FEP before reflowing, also, try increasing time or temperature of reflow oven in 1% rate per try.

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we have encounter similar problem with PA 12, is any solution to this problem

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David Liu

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