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Hello all,

First time poster to this group, although if you google on my username you will have the great opportunity to read years worth of my rantings if you like(if you do, let me know, I have a swamp you might be interested in).

But on to the important stuff, just started working with combination free radical/acid cataysted TMPTA/epoxy systems. And one of the things that I have been looking at is what else might I use instead of TMPTA in these formulations.

Crosslinking density and speed are the primary problems since nothing I have been able to locate gives anywhere near the performance nessecary to offset the fact that TMPTA is cheap. The system in question uses the fast cure of the TMPTA to hold the material together until the epoxy can cure up and give strength.

Of course I haven't been able to try a whole lot of different materials (I just started this project). So if anyone knows of any good journals on the subject drop me a line.


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Hi ghostwriter,

it sounds a rather complex question, because imho it is not only crosslinking density and speed but also miscibility of monomer with epoxy resin you have to look at ?

Basically there is a broad range of monomers and you can find many of them in the product range of SARTOMER ("SARET XXX").

Worth testing are e.g. acrylates (as your TMPTA), methacrylates(should be TMPTMA), triallylcyanurate (TAC), Triallylisocyanurate (TAIC), some maleimides...

By the way, are you using an epoxy with double bond functionality, based on e.g. diallyl-bisphenol A ? Do you know such material? Please let me know in NG or by PM.

Hope to help


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Matthias Bertram

Miscibility is not an issue as the final mix uses the epoxy and acrylic in two parts with 99% of the end result being sand filler. It is used in foundries to make sand molds.

Sartomer is our supplier for this project, mostly I am trying to narrow the selection to spend less time(AKA money) weeding out the materials where the performance is not going to justify the unit cost difference. Thanks for the suggestions I will certainly take a good look at them.

Bis-A and Bis-F mostly, I dont know them as well as I would like so if you know of any good intro texts I would love to here about them. My primary background has been paint so I have got some catching up to do.

Thanks for the help


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