Mixed polymer/film recycling

Are there any uses of mixed polymer waste films? We currently re-use
any single component films(nylon, polyethylene, etc), but any offcuts
or other materials of mixed polymers usually end up in the bin. Are
there any viable solutions that are a bit more "green"?
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If the bin is sent to be burned and turned into electricity, that seem plenty green to me. Landfilling it is a complete waste (pun intended).
But seriously, any place that I've work, it always ends up getting hauled away. It would be a nightmare to try and do anything with it.
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John Spevacek
Thanks John. Well I guess energy recovery was about the best that I could hope for. I have heard of some people taking mixed platics/rubbers and making gym mats/specialty tiles out of it, but I would assume that would be in very specific localized situations.
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Hallo, Here in the UK there is at least one company that takes mixed packaging waste and extrudes it into big section profile. It would be similar to timber sections say, 3" square, or 4" x 2", or similar. It is coloured black or dark brown and is used to make barriers in car parks and activity items (e.g climbing frame) in kids playgrounds. I suppose lumber is more expensive in the UK than the US! My local supermarket - Waitrose - which is a bit upmarket, also has trash containers in their car park, which are labelled as being made from post-consumer waste, carrier bags. Regards, Bill
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