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I wrote this post a couple of months ago (shown at the end below):

Well - we have evaluated several potting compounds and are in the process of testing some of them. But I would like to get some expert help on this topic of potting compounds for submersion of electronics. We have tried companies in denmark, but none that could give us straight answers :-(

Does anyone know a consulting company or perhaps a unirversity with that kind of knowledge abroad (preferable Europe and the US?





I'm working on a pump that is suspended in water and I need to add some electronics to it (not more than 1 meter water level)

My initial thought was to house the electronics in a sealed plastic/rubber enclosure, but someone pointed out that plastic/rubber might over time absorbe water and render the electronics un-usable

Anyone got details of the behavour of plastic enclosures/potting exposed to long periods of total suspension i water?


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You could probably use an olefin based enclosure with o-ring seals. Or something similar to this

(Try the second article Nexprene 9000).

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As well, there are some good moisture barrier resins available...

General chart

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Product specific (COC).

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LCP's may work for you as well. I believe Ticona has a quite a few grades (as well as many others, of course, though I have found Ticona technical people much more accessible in the past).

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