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I want to pole PVDF films in my Lab. I prepare P(VDF TrFE) films by dissolving polymer pellets in a solvent(DMAC) and heating the mixture till Solvent evaporates. I then Stick Copper films as electrodes on the 2 sides of the film, and solder wires to the films.

For poling, I simply connect these wires to a 2KV Voltage source. Wait for 5 Hours, and hope that the film's poled. I dont have any control over any parameters.

My queries are as follows:

Can you suggest a better, faster method of poling? Some method which will allow me to control the level of poling ?

Should the film be poled above Curie Temperature or just below it?

What are the parameters which can be measured during poling ?

Is there any Poling Product available in the market, which I can buy?

Is there any product which will help me do Corona-Poling on my film? I would appreciate, if some helps me in this regard. Thankyou, Miheer.

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This looks like it might be a good article to order.

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The abstract claims that increasing the temperature from 25 C to 125 C decreases the poling time from hours to seconds.


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I want PVDF on glass or ITO-coated (conductive coating) glass slide. I want the PVDF surface to be available without coating it with any other material. Does anyone know of any other technique?

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PVDF film is available. You MIGHT be able to adhere it by heating it. I would not expect much adhesion.

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