copy large assy to new name with copied new instances

Hello all,

hope some1 can help me out with the following :

I have modelled quite a large assembly with a lot of subassies and families of parts within. The top-level-assembly has it's own fam-table with subsequent subassies with their respective fam-tables.

Now I need to copy this top-level assy to a new name, with respective copies of subassies including copied fam-tables and all the parts with their new fam-tables.

Is there a way with or without Intralink ?

TIA !!


Speedy Dan.

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It can be tricky, but it should be possible with 'Save a copy': AssemA to AssemB. It will offer you the option to create new parts and subassemblies (not new instances, but that doesn't matter; that can be taken care of within the fam-tab). If you just wanted a new assembly but not new parts and subassemblies, you can do this too. The only hitch I've seen is where you want to you want to change the name and it makes you keep the same one (maybe it's locked in Intralink? don't remember). But any of the hitches can be gotten around with the usual assembly techniques. And it is a quite efficient way making renamed copies of assemblies/subassemblies/components. However, in an Intralink environment, you have to plan and research ahead of time. Make sure the names you intend to use are nto already in use, make sure stuff is not locked, etc. And if you run inot trouble, you can always abandon the process or scrub what you just did.

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David Janes

Not sure what your looking for. So you have this new assy from one that was created that has family tables. So do you want a new assy with new family table members with all the same parts below ? Is there an assy drawing ? I would say the easiest way to create a new top level is to create a temp folder and change dir to it and back up the drawing to that location. Now rename your drawing and all the assemblies that you want with new names and than save the drawing. If your on intra link you would just back up to the new location and than exit pro and start a new unlinked session to make the changes. Now if you have parent child relationships, I would erase the entire seesion and than change back to the original folder. If your on IL, exit and start a new linked session. Now open up the orignal assembly or drawing. Open the new drawing or assy by navigating to the temp folder and than back that up to your current location. easy.

SpeeedyDan wrote:

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Greg Smith

Thanx both for replying !! It was helpful, but I perhaps sould've been more clear on the problem.

We produce one complete machine-module for one client who produces a limited number of products with varying sizes, hence the family table. Now I want to take this module (=entire assembly) and copy it to new names for the next client with his or her own set of the same products, but with varying sizes.

In the recent past I already copied the entire assembly to a copy of it with all new names, si that works. Now I added famtables to account for the varying sizes but ProE doesn't seem to include the family tables in the copy.

Hope I shedded some light on my problem and you know the answer.

We don't have IL, but when the need arises, I would suggest acquiring it to my boss.

Thanx for any advice !

Greetz and have a great holiday !

Speedy Dan.

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