Decisions, decisions...

What to buy?
We need a few of seats of a feature-based solid modeller here soon.
Our main area of interest is sheet metal punching & folding, but some
extrusions, spinnigs and springs.
Most of the drawings at present are done in 2D (in rel14 and LT2000), but we
are comitted to moving into 3D solids. (most of the sheetmetal dwgs are
exported as 2D dxfs or dwgs to the CAD software for our Salvagnini and Amada
We have the choice of Solidworks, ProE, Inventor or MDT.
We have demos/presentations arranged from the resellers/vendors, but we need
to ask the right questions to enable to make the right choice for the
Has anyone here had to make a similar choice?
Advice, pros/cons and links greatly appreciated.
Many thanks,
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To add a wrinkle to your choices, I'd say set up a demo of SolidEdge. They have the best sheet-metal capabilities of any 3D modeler out there. SE also does an excellent job of "converting" 2D to 3D, which should make the transition a little easier. Unfortunately I don't use SE, but I've had a chance to test it for about a month.
Good luck!
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