Familytable and Session ID:s

Hello everybodey!
I have som problems with a familytable I have made. I have an assembly
containing och number of parts and one subassembly wich I=B4m driving
the length of from the familytable. The subassembly also contains a
part wich the length is driven from the top assembly. My problem is
that the relations in the top assembly don=B4t work like i want them to.
The relations is written like this:
The L2:3=3DL3 relation is the one wich links to the subassembly
My problem is that some of the session id:s in the relations text field
is changing from time to time when im opening the part. This is causing
the familytable not working properly.
If somone have had this problem or knows whats causing this problem.
Please let me know.
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Sorry, can't offer much help based on the given data.
Session ID's do change. They will normally maintain their associative links if everything that needs to be load is loaded (?).
Occasionally (probably because of "less than ideal" dependancy chains) it is necessary to regen more than once to get everything in synch. May require a work around to force, edit def a default datum, OK works or use Model Player.
Any circular refs being reported?
You have a family table assembly, one part in that assembly is driven be an upper level assembly parameter? Maybe you just need to re-think driving technique, create a more straight forward dependancy chain?
I have trouble trying to conceptualize such things (well, most things actually) without a good explanation of specific intent and a data set to play with while trying to understand the logic. If you can't get it sorted out you might consider posting, with a simplified representative data set, to a forum that allows it.
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