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Hi everyone, I've asked this question before but the specifics are a bit different now.

In the old days of 2D we would have a standard disclaimer on our drawing sheet saying words to the effect of "may not be reproduced without permission..." etc. You know the kind of thing I'm talking about. In these days of electronic files tranferred via FTP, how can we connect that kind of verbal information with a ProE part or assembly file? We don't often issue 2D drawings with our files. So far we have tried a cosmetic feature that is included in the start part which we use to create all our part files. That gets a bit cumbersome when you have an assembly up of 20 or so parts and they all have the same disclaimer cosmetic in pointing in different directions. They're all on layers of the same name so it's not too hard to blank them, but we want them to be visible to the client when they first open the file.

This is what I would like. When you open some programs (esp when installing something) you get a little window that pops up which says something you have to agree to terms and conditions and then you click "yes" or "I agree" then move on to run the program or installation or whatever. I would to be able to do that with a ProE file. You open it and you have to read the disclaimer and tick it off before you can open the file.

Has anything like this been suggested to PTC before? Could it be done with Pro Toolkit or could something like a batch file be written into the file? It seems like an idea whose time has come. I would have thought it would be useful to a lot of companies.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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You can create a 3D note in the model that shows your terms.

But there is no guarantee that the person on the receiving end will have 3D notes turned on, though.

Right now when you try to download Pro/E parts from certain websites (PTCs site included) you have to check off a box in a disclaimer before you get to the download page. This is the closest you can get at the moment, IMO.

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