I have a 4 job openings to those who have skills in Mechanical drafting/ProE...

I was hoping that someone can help me...

My name is Christina and I am looking to fill 4 positions in a great company here in the Southern California area. They specialize in Electro-Mechanical and robotic machinery. The people that I am looking for will be able to perform complex electro-mechancial drafting assignments from sketches and detailed drawings. No Degree is necessary and the pay range is from $20-35 an hour 2-10 years experience...

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? Thanks...

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I'd help you out but I've been advised to be more polite, more respectful. Therefore, I won't tell you where the door is. Let others do that. What I will ask you is this: what is this company that suddenly needs four (4, count them) designers? And, did the revolving door on the HR Dpt get jammed? I really can't see a need, except that this is some SoCal design sweatshop, for them to, all of a sudden, need 4 "EMERGENCY" Pro/e designers. Comment, anyone?

OBTW, I might have been one of those that applied, except that I ALREADY DID,

4Xs IN THE LAST YEAR WITH YOUR PRESTIGIOUS ORGANIZATION OF TWO-BIT HUSTLERS and for this exact job. And you know what, don't call me at home and take me off any lists or 'databases' I might be on that might possibly lead you to call me. Meanin' no offence, naturally.

Respectfully (tho you yakovs don't deserve it), David Janes

PS: nateweb, am i being politer, respectfuller now? oh, goody!

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David Janes

Amen, brother. David, as a long time lurker on this newsgroup I respect your opinions and value your posts. Not trying to be a sycophant or anything; just wanted to let you know that many appreciate your contributions.

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20 bucks an hour? try Cambric.

snipped-for-privacy@kenda.com wrote:

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John Wade

yeah, as long as they stay in utah and romania; if they move to socal where these jobs are they'll never get the jobs done for that hourly. it's not 'competitive', it's not skilled labor of any kind. maybe in the maquilladoras outside of tijuana.

btw doesn't it make you a little leary when someone advertises 4 positions but not one single one turns up on their website? not one for proe anywhere that they recruit for, not anywhere in the whole country. i'm from the hustler state (illinois) and have a finely honed scam detector. to me this smells like bait-and-switch. what a shame in as much as this would be nearly the first time such a thing was detected from recruiting agencies.

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David Janes

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