Does anyone use ProComposite and is it worth learning to model with it? Pros vs Cons.Or, is it just as easy to model a solid and add a Ply table and 2D sketch in a drawing to show ply detail?

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I think that one of the things you get with Pro/composite is fiber direction of ply layers. How would you do proper structural analysis and get an accurate idea of stiffness without this? I'm sure there are techniques based on experience, probably ply tables and these will probably work fine until you get to some fairly complex shapes. Then you'd like to be able to do the Mechanica simulation, check the results and see if turning the fiber angle 10 degrees or adding plies changes the result and repeat this simulation a few times to get it optimized. That's the kind of stuff you get with the specialized packages and the fact that they all work together in Pro/e.

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David Janes

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