Can't open ASM over 2GB

If I want to open an asembly project, which over 2GB, ProE do something
until ~2,2 GB and after that close himself.
My laptop have 2GB memory.
As I succeed it open once, there were some Problems. After chosing
suppress, ProE close once again himself.
With regards,
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a guess... an inherent 32bit barrier, either within your OS or - worse - in ProE? This has been discussed here earlier; even on a since-1996-64-bit-OS there was something like this.
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Walther Mathieu
As mentioned, it is a win32 problem. In WinXP there's a /3Gb switch or something like that, and a patch you need to apply to Pro. google this group for in detail responses previously about this issue.
PTC also has tech help on this matter if you have current maintainence
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Hello all,
Stu and Walter, you're right. There is a technical documentation about that : TPI 111330. I can't add it here, but you can contact Technical support for more informations, or visualise this TPI on our web page
formatting link
. However, this TPI refer to a Microsoft tech doc, as it's a Microsoft issue. So you can make you search in this way if you have not got an active maintenance account.
Good Luck !
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There is no patch required for Wildfire, only 2001.
It is a MS limit on the amount of memory that an application can allocate. The /3GB switch in your boot.ini file will increase this limit. In my tests, without the switch, Pro/E will crash at 1.48GB of memory used by xtop.exe. With the switch and 3GB of ram, xtop.exe will crash at about 1.9GB of memory used.
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Ben Loosli
The best thing to do in these cases, it's to manage the assembly with simplified representations. You may open sub assemblies and simplify it with the simplified representation functionality. Then you top level assembly will be lighter and you will probably be able to open it. In all cases, even with /3gb switch, Windows 32 bits is not designed to handle processes wich takes more than 2 Gb in memory.
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