i search a file for table gaz holes

i explain that i want to do
i search a table for hole g1/8",g1/4",g1/2"........
when i read the iso holes table for example i can't find a specifique value
for the cosmetic depht and the tape hole depht.
In my new table i want a standard value of the cosmetic and the tape hole
depht for each hole size.
I hope you have understand my post
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Here's what I understand about the Standard hole (tapped, clearance, c'sink): a.. Depth of hole is based on formula of 3x tap drill size, modifiable but not configurable; b.. Tap depth is based on a formula of .75x tap drill depth (seems realistic to me, would you do this differently?); c.. The ISO.HOL (also unc and unf.hol) file is not configurable, that is, you can not add parameters to it, such as for tap drill and thread depth, i.e., to set new defaults that override the default formulas Sorry about that, but it has always been that way. I heard a rumor that a new hole interface was coming that would allow modification of the table and the assumptions behind it. Maybe WF3 (or 6? or 10?). If they know, they're not saying. If they're saying it, it's to a very select few. Know someone on a technical committee of Pro/USER? Ask them.
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