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Hello :
I have a feature in which there are lot of holes in it which are in
groups that means all of them doesnt share same pattern. I want to do
dimensioning of it . Doing it in normal way will make the drawing very
I want to create a table in which there will be columns for hole number
, x coordinate, y coordinate , diameter and depth.
Is there any smart way of creating it instead of enering the dimesion
(&addxxx) values in the table manually.
Thanks a lot for reading my topic.
Best Regards,
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I don't know what you mean by different "groups" of holes or what makes them groups, but you should be able to create a hole table ('Tools>Hole table') to get the x/y coordinate information automatically filled in without a lot of manual input. There are several types; you may want to simply collect axes with the Find utility and use those to fill in your table. If you want the hole diameter, you may want to make a separate chart for each size, depending on what you mean by group.
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