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I have drawn a complex 2d curve for which I need x-y coordinates to import into a mathematical modeling program. I hand planted a collection of 100 points on that curve, but now I need a means of creating a table of the x-y values. I have been unsuccessful in figuring out how to get the points into a design table or how to use a curve driven pattern.

I would appreciate a link to a tutorial that might put me in the right direction. My only solution at this time is to manually click on each point, then cut and paste x,y values into Excel ..there must be a more automated way.

TIA, Stew Corman from sunny Endicott

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Here is a trick: use the points you have created as hole locations in the hole wizard. You may need to create some temporary surface for the holes. Next open a drawing and insert a hole table. This will give you a table of the x-y co-ordinates. You can then cut and paste the entire table into another application such as excel.


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Neat trick. One for the grimoir.

p.s. nice website, Mr. Rush

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