Incompatible file version from Proe wildfire (2003) to Proe 2001

PTC 2001 don't load files saved with PTC Wildfire (2003). I know that Wildfire is most recently than PTC 2001 so, what can i do? I have Windows

2000 Professional with SP4 installed in my PC.I've got only PTC Wildfire and not PTC 2001. Thank for any help. P.S.: Sorry for my bad english! ;-)
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l'unica è passargli uno step (vale anche x gli assiemi) o un igs ma avarai una feature "rigida" dal sito PTC ses sei "legale" puoi scaricarti la vecchia versione di pro/e che funziona anche con la licenza di wildfire.3 Sorry

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You want someone to read files you generated with wildfire into 2001, right?

PTC has always changed file format from version to version in order to force their customers to upgrade resp. stay within their maintenance contracts.

Microsoft did the same trick with word formats which change frequently to keep the competitors from adapting them (always dark empire behaviour).

With pro/e files there once was some trick that may help you, but only if you didn´t use new 2003 (wildfire) functionality that was not available in 2001. It did work for me to make 2001 files go "back" into V20, so it may be worth a try.

It´s simply exchanging / patching file headers! You´ll need an editor capable of that, e. g. TextPad. Too sad you can´t test the files yourself without 2001. Go find someone willing to share 2001 media!

Search the archives of this NG for an exact recipe of header patching or have a look at Jon Fawcett´s tips and tricks site. BTW, that´s a great one and worth looking anyway.

God luck!


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