solid modelling algorithms ...

Does anyone know of a URL, (preferably - but not
an essential requirement - with some example source
code) containing information on solid modelling
The kind of thing for which I'm looking is, for
example, how shape information is stored, how the
result of Boolean arithmetic on arbitrary shapes is
calculated and rendered and how operations
such as drawing, protruding and sweeping on of
arbitrary shapes is accomplished and the
resulting geometry rendered. Anything on any one
of these would be fine
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Russell Potter
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list seems to be mostly NURBS modellers. But, as they appear on an OS site, you may have access to the source code to investigate the graphics engine, algorithms.
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is another OS project around modelling, actually billing itself an a development system with built in tools for modelling, analysis and other simulation. I'm not sure if these are BREP tools, such as used in Pro/e, SW, Catia, UG and others. But you'll be able to tell when you dig into it because the program is well documented.
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David Janes
There are two open source solid modellers that I know of - Irit and BRL-CAD. Both are pretty complete but not what you'd want to use for your day-to-day work. Google is thy friend :)
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I heard that somewhere too.
That's what they claim:
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you go to download it, you can't really tell, so the source code must come bundled with the program.
Happy to help, mei.
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David Janes
This one actually used to be Euclid, I think.
Is the code actually available now ? They used to *say* open source, but there was no code available ! Guess I could go look, hunh ? Thanks for the reminder, DJ.
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