A new Method for the Modelling of Corrosion Processes. Alexander Shagaev

Dear colleagues,
My name is Alexander Shagaev. I am Russian electrochemist. I work in the
Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology (Krasnoyarsk). One of the
main field of my interests is the modelling of different ion-molecular
processes (corrosion, the functioning of a galvanic batteries, ionic
processes and so on) by means of equivalent electric circuits. I'd like to
offer to you new, more detailed, understandable and interesting version of
my previously published (in JCSE) papers. I believe that you not sorry if
you read these papers. If you can't understand my explanation, containing
at the papers text, then you can read only these papers conclusions. Let me
know, please, if you have any problem concerned these papers or any
questions. I'd like to offer to you to read, also, about the reason of this
my act. My act is not resulting from the JCSE editor policy. I'd like to
know you points of views, concerned some my proposals, containing at my
letter (see the reason of my act). You can find these papers at my Web site
formatting link
. I hope, also, that you will
understand the nature of corrosion processes more detailed after these
papers reading.
Best regard Alexander Shagaev
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