surface will not go through all sections

Dear folks at comp cad I need some help if I may normally im a solidworks user but am working on pro e wildfire 2.0 for a company I have experience on wildfire but not surfacing as is the point to my post.

Thank you for your time


I am trying to create a simple wing shape actual its a foil for a boat. I set up a plane, on this plane i have two planar sketches to form two boundary edges I set up section planes at 500 mm (7 in total) intervals and on each i sketch an aerofoil shape of the min section number at the tip (plane 1) to max aerofoil shape on plane number 6 it then tapers back to a slimmer foil section on plane 7.

go to boundary blend

I pick the boundary curves on top plane as my 2 of my boundaries then from plane 1 to 7 pick the section curves. sections 1 and 7 form the loop with the two planar boundary curves.

this is when my problem begins the surface goes through all the curves from 1 to 6 but when i pick curve 7 it seems to disconnect itself from curve 6 and flow under the section not taking it into account this section curve im not sure how to fix this as everything I try doesnt seem to work.

hopefully someone can help me here.

regards mike

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Try to do it as if it were a loft with guide curves. You're missing the guide curves which it sounds like you need on the leading and trailing edge of your hydrofoil. You could put additional ones on there as they help keep the surface attached to the section curves and smooth out the surface, prevent wrinkles, twists, etc.

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David Janes

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