AI Mind Forth How to work it?

Can you give me a page of text to type in that will result in a bit of a display of reactions?

Or is there a version of MindForth that has some pre installed intellegence?

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As the original author of MindForth, I usually type in the following (recursively looping) sentences, making sure that I finish all four sentences even if the AI responds with single words or unusual queries:

cats eat fish

fish eat bigs

bugs eat germs

germs kill cats

Use no punctuation or capital letters. If the AI Forthmind is functioning well, it will respond to your fourth sentence with what you told the AI in the first sentence -- because the word CATS associates to "EAT FISH."

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updated on 3 September 2008 with a new knowledge-base (KB) traversal feature that is a kind of "pre-installed intelligence."

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JavaScript for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) was updated on 4 September 2008 with the same KB-traversal feature.

Now both the artificial Minds -- in Forth and in JavaScript -- never run out of thoughts to think or ideas to discuss, because they traverse their conceptual memory banks and activate concepts that generate either a statement or a question.

Thank you for looking into MindForth AI.


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