An affordable USB development tool

The Tracker 110 is a USB bus analyser which can record low-speed (1.5Mbps), full-speed (12Mbps) and mixed transactions. All bus data is available but, to avoid total confusion, only the data most often referenced is displayed by default. Transactions can be expanded to show the individual packets whose contents can be reviewed in detail. Comprehensive performance statistics are displayed during data collection and the data, once saved, can be searched for specific features or displayed with unwanted packets filtered out. Transactions belonging to individual peripherals can be colour coded for clarity and standard requests and descriptors are clearly flagged.

Best of all it is so affordable that each engineer on the project can have one for just 520 UK Pounds, 780 Euro or $940 .

We also have the Explorer 200 for those who need the High Speed 480Mbps transfer rate of full USB2

To see more details of these products and to see how easy the they are to use visit

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To learn more about USB , download the trial software (which includes a number of annotated USB captures)

The Tracker 110 is now available for world wide sales from our web shop - next day delivery ( most of EU ).


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