Computer control the speed of stepped motor

Hello everyone,
I am programming to a stepped motor. The motor can be triggered by
input pulse via serial port or parallel port. The range of speed is
between 1 and 99. The corresponding circuit pulse rate is as follows:
Speed 1 ===> 1.28 PPS
Speed 2 ===> 1.28*2 PPS
Speed 50===> 64 PPS
My question is how I can control the speed of the motor through a
computer program.
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Could you describe your project a little more?
Do you have a normal stepper motor, and you want to build a driver for it and control it from an IBM compatible PC?
Do you have a stepper motor and a driver and you want to control it from a PC?
If you want to control it from a PC, what operating system are you using?
Do you want to control it from a microcontroller? If so, which one would you like to use?
How critical is the 1.28 PPS timing?
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Alan Kilian
Is is a Unipolar or a Bipolar stepper motor. Any details or specs on the motor and what driver and controller board your using?
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Earl Bollinger
This is a 4-phase stepper motor. I don't have more specs about it.
I want to build a drive program, and control it from Windows 2000 or higher.
I don't have microcontroller for it. My task is to write a program that can control the speed of the motor.
The 1.28PPS timing is only information that is related to the speed from the manual.
Please give a help. Thank you so much
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Thank you.
I will put more description about my project below:
Computer will generate pulses on Pin 4 of DB9 serial port. The input pulse, a square wave or a spike is needed to trigger the stepper motor driver circuit. The square wave starts at 10pps up to 500pps at 50% cycle. The voltage of the pulse can be between 5 vdc and 18 vdc.
Pin 4 : pulse input; Pin 5: ground; Pin 7: direction
It may be my question how to generate the square wave that can control the speed of the stepper motor.
I look forword to hearing from you, our expert. Thank you so much
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Well, why not *add* a microcontroller? Sure seems to make more sense than using a Win2K/XP serial port to drive it directly -- especially since "DOS-like" serial port access isn't avaialble in 2K/XP.
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Rich Webb
Ok, I think you have a stepper motor and a stepper-motor driver, and you swant to use a PC running Windows 2000 to create pulses out the RS232 port to drive the stepper-motor driver.
If that's correct, I can't help you.
1) I know nothing about Windows 2000 2) I don't think trying to create precisely-timed pulses from a serial-port is a resonable thing to do. Sorry I couldn't be more help. If any of my assumptions are incorrect, please post correnctions and we can go from there.
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Alan Kilian

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