controllers to drive a single phase 24V dc brushless motor

I am working on the brake-by-wire system of an autonomous vehicle project,
and I would like to know if there exist any controllers to drive a 'SINGLE
PHASE' 24V brushless dc motor (yes, this might sound 'weird').
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Gautam Jain
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Could you tell us more about your single phase motor - like does it have a center tap? If so, one possibility is the LS7261. (if not - it would be weird).
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By the way, are you THE Gautam Jain of the famous Redteam?? and might the autonomous vehicle be Sandstorm or it's new sibling?
Regards, ;-)
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Kevin Gomez
Yes, this is THE Gautam Jain from Redteam, and the controller is to be used to drive the brake actuator of the Sandstorm's new sibling, now called 'H1ghlander'.
I'll talk with our actuator distributor and see if that controller can be used.
Thanks, Gautam
--> Gautam,
Gautam Jain Carnegie Institute of Technology Carnegie Mellon University
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Gautam Jain
Some of the best brushless controllers I've seen are from Astroflight, dude.
Gautam Ja> Hi,
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Dan Danknick
Dan, I subscribe to Servo magazine. Good job! dude. Does Astroflight make any controller whih will work on a SINGLE PHASE motor?
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Kevin Gomez

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