controllers to drive a single phase 24V dc brushless motor

I am working on the brake-by-wire system of an autonomous vehicle project,
and I would like to know if there exist any controllers to drive a 'SINGLE
PHASE' 24V brushless dc motor (yes, this might sound 'weird').
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Gautam Jain
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Unless I missed a meeting, a single phase brushless dc motor is otherwise called a galvanometer or a torque motor. If you want continuous rotation, you have to do something differently.
Did you perhaps mean to say 'unipolar'?
I suspect this app note is on point to what you seek:
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It talks about an Infineon chip that can control a six- phase unipolar brushless dc motor without using an encoder. Okay, it just hits the high points.
More detail here:
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You can probably schmooze a lot more out of Infineon.
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Mike Halloran
Could you tell us more about your single phase motor - like does it have a center tap? If so, one possibility is the LS7261. (if not - it would be weird).
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By the way, are you THE Gautam Jain of the famous Redteam?? and might the autonomous vehicle be Sandstorm or it's new sibling?
Regards, ;-)
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Kevin Gomez

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