Small, low cost, low power GPS receiver for model airplane

Can anyone recomment a small size, low cost, low power GPS receiver with velocity, position and height serial data output ? (It will be used in a model airplane for data logging)

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<Yovslu Brown>
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What's that saying in manufacturing ? ...

something like "cost, quality, quantity ... you can have any two of the three"


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In engineering, that's good, fast, or cheap; pick two. There's a little more wiggle room with market positioning and volume for manufacturing.

Anything from the Garmin eTrex line would work well. They store "breadcrumbs" and also spit a serial NMEA PVT stream. The Summit model has built in altimeter and electronic compass; I expect these can be sent on the serial, as well. The eTrex are great on the motorcycle, too. They're small, well weatherproofed, and extremely rugged. Mine survived a 4 foot fall to the pavement at 60 mph three years ago, and it's still in use.

I would try it first without the datalogger, and see if the breadcrumbs have enough resolution for your needs.

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Have you looked here :

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GPS engine like TF30 small - 30x40x7mm low cost - $75 + $20 for active antenna low power - 3.3V, 50mA code to interface to a PIC microcontroller provided.

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Kevin Gomez

This site has many links to GPS and UAV site. Good luck

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