How can we filter this bullshit out and get our group back?

This is complete bullshit. What used to be a vibrant group of robot geeks has turned into a spam monkey and I am sick of it. Has anyone successfully filtered this crap and gotten rid of all the bot postings?

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I know what you mean - I use to post here over 10 years ago - wandered past for a bit of nostalgia and thought it had all died!

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I see virtually none of it when accessing the group via a commercial usenet service, as compared to the hundreds of posts through the relatively unmanaged newsserver from my home DSL provider.

I think it would be A Bad Thing if all/most usenet traffic became consolidated onto a few commercial hosts. OTOH, sometimes it's nice to have one to fall back on.

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Rich Webb

twgray a écrit :

If you subscribe to a filtered news service (some of them are free), with cleanfeed and NoCeM system enabled, you won't notice any spam/sporge.

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Xavier Roche

A simple email request to SuperNews has taken care of it there. It appears to be done manually so you sometimes see a few. At this time none are present. A similar request to my ISP, Charter, exhausted my patience.


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Could you post a little more information on the "free" aspect?


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Wayne C. Gramlich

Wayne C. Gramlich a écrit :

Sure. (includes filters AFAIK) (includes filters AFAIK)

And others:

Most of these servers are text-only, that is, not binary-centric, unlike many other (bad) Internet Service provider servers which are only interested by alt.binaries.*

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Xavier Roche

I've had the same result from Charter. They suck. For temporary (hopefully) refuge a lot of us have gone over to Gordon McComb's fallout shelter at:

formatting link


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Instead of using google, why don't you see if Time Warner has a news server. All the spam is cancled off of my ISP's news server. When my news reader down loads the post subject lines, I see a quick number that apparently indicates the origional number of new post (like ~240), but the actual subject lines downloaded may only be ~16 spam free ones. If you want to continue to use google groups, then you should complain to them (but good lick actually finding a useable email address).

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Si Ballenger

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