Coming out of the shadows

Hi all and Merry Christmas.
I have been lurking around the shadows of this group for a while. Now is a
good a time as any to make an appearance.
I used to be an engineer (time served apprentice) before I moved into
electronics 15 years ago. Just listening in is starting to bring the stuff
back to me.
I have been keeping my eyes open for a lathe (I am wanting to build a steam
engine, had the book for Minnie by LC Mason for years now). My neighbour had
told me of a Myford Super 7 he knows of, but I probably won't get it now.
:-( (It apparently had all the attachments, chucks, milling etc, and I
think it was a long bed model). I am looking for a lathe with a milling
attachment (saves space and costs, not that I need to save space, I have
loads, but having just finished my contract, cost is important).
Does anyone know of any clubs/members in the Ashfield area? I would be
interested to find out. (Please do the obvious to my email address to reply
privately, or reply to the list)
Apart from steam engines, I am interested in hearing what other projects
people are working with. It seems that most home engineers tend to go for
steam engines or locos. One of my future projects is to complete a robot arm
(and other robotic ideas) and interface them to my computers. (I built a
satellite ground station simulator using computers when I was in the air
force, putting electronics into motion is the next step for me.)
BTW... On the flooring topic, when my workshop is set up, I will probably be
using duckboards against the machines over the painted concrete floor. This
is what I remember when I was coming through college and at the factory.
Best regards,
Dave Colliver.
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Should you do so then ensure that the software to control the motors, whether stepper motors or linear motors with feedback control, is running in outboard processors.
Running under Windows (assuming that you are) will introduce errors caused by Windows disappearing up its own rectum for tens of milliseconds at a time.
A nice modern microcomputer with lots of I/O, more than enough to drive keyboard, LCD, motor drivers and almost anything you desire simultaneously is the V850ES/KF1 from NEC. It's guaranteed to pull the rug out from under the 8051-derivative and PIC marketplace. (it's a 32 bit RISC microcomputer with 128KB Flash and 6KB of RAM in an 80pin QFP package)
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Airy R. Bean
Shame you don't follow your own advce and do likewise.
Happy christmas,
Anthony Remove eight from email to reply. Website:-
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Anthony Britt
Stupid boy.
(Note that boy should not be capitalized, numbnuts).
Anthony Remove eight from email to reply. Website:-
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Anthony Britt
Dave if you fancy an eighty mile each way trip read below.. THATS IF MY DETECTIVE WORK IS RIGHT AND YOU LIVE IN NOTTINGHAMSHIRE next sesion on the 7th january. BTW EVERYONE......NO ONE WAS INTERESTED LAST TIME.
Here's a good chance for people living in the UK to learn more about operating machinery.
Every Wednesday 1pm ?430 pm Accrington Technical College invites you metalworking people to use there machines for what ever you want.
If like me you would like to have the chance to operate machinery that you have never operated before and be supervised doing it?.this is your big break.
Complete newbies to metal working and engineering are welcome.
Or if you fancy a go on one of the machines below your welcome.
2 horizontal grinders.
Richmond vertical Millar with DRO
2 Parkson vertical millers with DRO.
1 Ajax horizontal miller with DRO.
1 Elliot shaper
1 Midsaw vertical bandsaw.
1 qualteas mechanical hacksaw.
1x Bridgeport series 1 veriespeed with DRO
2x Colchester triumph 2000 lathe
3x Harrison 600 lathe
3x Colchester student lathe
1x Harrison m250 lathe
3 Elliot bench drills
1 Elliot radial arm drill
as well as all the necessary tooling rotary tables and dividing heads.
The reason I'm telling you all this is because the session is in danger of being withdrawn if more people don't turn up?..there are about 15 people that turn up now regularly
The price for 10 sessions is £40?that's all?..yes only £4 a session?..
The materials are supplied free of charge.
So please everyone ??enrol .
To enrol please contact Don Kitson, Accrington Lancs, 01282 603031 all the best????mark
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