Marie "E"

Does anyone have a copy of the articles on Marie E featured in the LLAS
magazine which I could buy from?
I have started to build this loco and would be interested to hear from
anyone who has this model.
Merry Christmas all, Keith
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Helen Verrall
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I built a Marie-E way back when the design first appeared. It is a very easy model to build and runs very well.
However, there are several errors in the drawings and several design faults that need correcting.
I redesigned the regulator so that it worked - Don Young published my redesign in LLAS - as well as redesigning the valve spindle assembly so that the valves can be set properly. Also the reach rod needs modifying so that the engine runs chimney first when in forward gear!
If you need any further info please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Helen Verrall wrote:
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Dick Ganderton
I had to do a quick web search to find out what "LLAS" was, and ran across this article by someone else who built this engine:
formatting link
this helps, Andrew
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Andrew Gorman/Kathy Ramsey

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