I2C and usart together on ATMega8

Hi all!
I'd like to use my ATmega8 as interface between USART and i2c (and for some
other things too, but it's not important for my problem). When i write
support for I2C in my code (i'm using Procyon AVRLib) everything is OK, but
when i try to add support for UART, compiler (avr-gcc) says me Error.
Here is my code:
#include "i2c.c" // i2c library
#include "uart.h" // uart library
// headers
Here is defined some constants like i2c addresses
void inicializaceI2C() { // setting I2C
i2cSetLocalDeviceAddr(0xA8, TRUE);
void inicializaceUart() { // setting UART
int main() {
while(1) { }
return 0;
When i try to build it, AVRstudio says me, uart.h is in conflict with
uart2.h (included by i2c.c). When I try compile this code without
#include "uart.h" // uart library
avr studio says me:
error: too few arguments in function uartSetBaudRate
When I try modify my code to using UART0, avr studio says me, uart0
Have you any idea how to use i2c and uart together on ATMega8 or should I
use bigger AVR with 2 uarts?
thank you for your reaction
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I am not sure this will work for you or not. Remove the "uart.h" in your source file and use the 0 instead of UART0 for the parameter indicating which uart to use. This parameter is needed for uart2.c (which is included as an included file in your source). The uart2.c or uart2.h API supports 2 uarts on the ATmega that has 2 UARTs and therefore the library expects additional parameter for specifying which UART.
Regards, -Pandit
Gootes wrote:
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