Laptop to control robot

I would like to use my lap to to control my robot project. I have
serial and paralel port relay boards to use for control and sensors
but am unsure how to use the relay board to control motor speed etc..
I am new to this and would like any help you can give. Please use
email address to reply. Bill
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As was stated before, you can't control a motor's speed with a relay board. I suggest a dual motor controller (H-bridge) with a serial interface. You can then command the motors' speed via serial port commands.
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Bennet Williams
Your post indicates a lack of electronics knowledge which cannot be filled with a simple reply.
You could use a relay board to turn the motors on/off and control thier direction of rotation. (Look for H-bridge). Speed control can be done by using a frequency controlled square wave to supply power to the motors. There are circuits for doing this. You might have four speeds, stop;slow;medium;fast that would be coded as say 00 01 10 11.
As for inputs you need more than a relay although relays might be used to select which input to read at any particular time.
You have not said what language you would program in?
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John Casey

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