Battery powered wireless ethernet bridge

I'm planning to use a TINI board with ethernet port to control a small
robot. I need a wireless bridge to communicate with the board. D-Link
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can be a good option but
it has a high power consumption.
Is there any battery powered (or low power) wireless ethernet bridge that
I can use?
Thanks a lot,
ps: I'm aware that I can use other wireless options such as wireless
modems, but the ethernet would the easiest for me at the moment.
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Huseyin Akcayurek
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I use the Linksys version of this sort of device.
It takes 5V. I haven't had problems with the power consumption, but I don't have any idea about how much it takes. -- D. Jay Newman
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D. Jay Newman
Thanks. I will go with this approach then. Huseyin
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Huseyin Akcayurek

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