Legged CAM dirven robots

Guys i was given a project to complete, it is a legged obstacle robot, it must be cam driven, and able to go up platform of 50mm in height. Any good links for my research?

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Gordon McComb has a rather good design for a large scale, six legged walking robot in his book, "The Robot Builder's Bonanza". I'm sure you could use it as inspiration for your own designs. Its only flaw is a tendency to lurch if the motors get out of synchronisation, when it turns, for example - I'm currently reaching the final stages of modifying the mechanical design and building a dedicated computer controller to solve the problem - when I finish, and if it actually works, I'll try to post details on how to make the modifications. The machine works well on relatively flat surfaces, but you might need to modify it further to make its legs lift high enough to clear larger obstructions. I have a design to do that too, but that's a really massive project with some very tricky machining of cams and bearings, and not a priority at the moment, unless I decide to use the thing offroad...


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