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Hey all,

Wnating to make an image of one of my older DVDs cause it is getting a bit edgy (i just know someone is going to scratch it up) and its hard to find new copies of it. I try to make a divx file from it but it sez, cant decode as there is protection on the disc. Does anyone have a program that can get past this?


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you could try alcohol 120% from

formatting link
download it for

30 days free or somthin, then buy it. dont bother trying to crack it because i found the most successful crack to the software requires you to use a hex editor and stuff so id just keep downloadin or buy it like i did. alcohol is made to back up games but it might have what you need to decode it, if not you need copyDVD or a simmilar program. off the divx site there are links to programs to decrypt dvds and cds, and there is also some other site(i forget the name of it but if i remember, ill post it) i have used to get hundreds of tools even for the newest encryption layers.worst comes to worst you may be able to copy the data through the raw thing in nero.
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