Looking for a good battery charger

I have a variety of sealed Pb-acid 6V and 12V batteries from UPS, etc that I
am want to try to see if I can use in a robot I am building. Looking for a
good dependable charger that will do 6V and 12V. Suggestions??
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daryl wilde
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For lead acid batteries I have had great luck with the Battery Tender chargers (google for them). These are terrific lead-acid chargers. REGIS (link at bottom) has had the same two batteries literally for years, and it runs around 12-14 hours/day. The electronics battery is charged nightly, and the main motor battery monthly.
The only problem is that you'll need two chargers -- one for 6 volts and one for 12. Over the long run, however, I found that moving to a high-quality charger saved me both time and money. Note that you may find your life simplified anyway if you settle on a single battery voltage, rather than two. Consider dumping the 6v.
Hope that helps -- tAfkaks
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The Artist Formerly Known as K
I have come to same realization regarding the voltages. I have looked at Battery Tender and they do look good. Thanks Daryl
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