"ordinary" DC motor vs DC "servo" motor

What is the difference between a brush type "ordinary" DC motor and DC
"servo" motor?
Does adding a quadrature encoder to the ordinary DC motor convert it to a DC
sevo motor?
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Adding a form of feedback makes it servo. In the simplest form it could be a potentiometer, like you find in the cheap RC servo's. The more expensive servo may use encoders, low inertia motors, to give both high torque at low rpm's and great acceleration and deceleration, accurate start and stop positions and what have you. Half the credits go to the control circuits of course.
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Frank Bemelman
The distinction is that a servo has some sort of feedback, so you can just tell it where to go and it can do so. Adding quadrature encoding would help you along the way to making a servo, but unless you're actually using it for feedback it wouldn't be a servo yet.
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Joe Pfeiffer

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